A Special Edit on Food & Beverage Forecasting: Featuring AI-powered Pricing & Promotion Strategies

Winning Strategies to Execute Pricing & Promotion Models based on Product Mix & SKU Assortment

In a world where pricing drives profitability, Food & Beverage owners can win by effectively linking pricing and promotions through advanced analytics and thereby gain an edge by understanding customer price sensitivity, with real-time data to finally measure sales performance effectively.

The data sheet will show how you can:

  • Map critical market and consumer knowledge to achieve seamless pricing and promotion co-ordination for the omni-channel retailer.
  • Get optimal data-driven techniques to achieve base Price Elasticity.
  • Eliminate the ambiguity in interpreting Pricing and Promotion patterns that can impact outcomes across the bottom line.
  • Interpret if there is a positive impact from a specific planned event on a SKU level and its overall product mix.

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