Apparel Giant with Global Presence Leverages AI to Optimize Discounts, Identify Missed Sales Opportunities, Prevent Stockouts, and Maximize Margins During Holiday Season

Optimize Product-Mix and Streamline Material Flow to avoid stockouts

Today’s global apparel value chain faces continuous disruptions, changing demand profiles, and increasing sustainability mandates. The global fashion industry, which is valued at $1.5 trillion and employs over 300 million people along its value chain, generates an alarming amount of textile waste. The key reasons for this phenomenal waste include unpredictability of demand, extended lead times, and overburdened resource capacity.

ThroughPut’s AI-powered Supply Chain software suite helped a global apparel retailer with a presence across four continents via a network of 1,750+ stores offering 75+ brands across numerous platforms optimize product mix, promotional discounts, and stock turnover to maximize sales and profit during one of the most chaotic Holiday Seasons of the world. The retailer was also able to acquire unprecedented visibility across the entire length of its value chain and accurately forecast demand, making it possible to minimize inventory stockpiling and on-time-in-full (OTIF) delivery variances, while simultaneously freeing up much-needed cash flow.

In this case study, we discuss how a leading apparel giant was able to benefit with:

1. 15% freed up shelf space by eliminating products with poor turnover & high storage costs.

2. Generated 275% increase in overall performance identified from the top 500 SKUs in review.

3. Reduced wait time of unused production
capacity by 10%.



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