Case Study

Church Brothers Farms Leverages Existing Data to Accurately Predict Near-term Demand for Perishable Goods

By optimizing production, logistics & inventory based on real-time demand signals, Church Brothers Farms were able to minimize wastage & deliver fresh produce on-time. 

Church Brothers Farms, a leading grower-owned fresh vegetable producer, processor, and shipper. To accurately forecast demand and accordingly optimize its product mix the company was able to leverage its existing data using to achieve superior results, better serve its customers, and guide its decision-making
process to optimize profitability.

Download this case study to learn how the food producer was able to optimize operations by answering:

  • Sales frequency: How often over the past time period and year
    has a particular customer expressed purchase interest?
  • Sales volume: How many equivalent cartons has this customer
    purchased and will they most likely purchase in the future?
  • Price and revenue: What was the overall price variance for this
    customer over the past year and how does one best manage
  • Distribution: How many commodities has this customer
    purchased and will they most likely purchase in the future?
  • Specialty sales: What percentage of the commodities bought
    were value-adds and how much contribution margin did they
    account for across each customer?


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