Coffee Retail Chain Eliminates Frequent Stock Pile-Ups to Achieve 15% Inventory Reduction

AI-Powered Product Mix Optimization to Reduce Inventory and Accelerate Operational Efficiency

The client is a decade old fast growing boutique coffee chain based out of US, specializing in hand-brewed, iced, and blended coffees, fresh juices and smoothies. The chain focuses on providing great food and beverages made using locally grown, fair-trade, organic produce of the highest quality.

In the aggressively competitive café business space, customer demand is ever-increasing & volatile. They want fresh, innovative, artful food and an unparalleled experience, and they want it all now. Getting the menu right is undeniably the first step to establishing a successful café business. What this meant was to eliminate the lack of visibility into great and not-so-great-Performing offerings, reduce inventory pile ups and food wastage & keep the shipping costs under control.

Download the case study to learn how the coffee chain was able to:

  • Modify its menu in response to anticipated changes in customer tastes and preferences
  • Have access to just the right materials, in just the right volume, at just the right time - enabling it to serve its customers in exactly the same fashion.
  • Eliminate inventory pile-ups and wastage of food, affecting a 15% reduction in inventory and 5% productivity gain in labor.

Download Case Study