Case Study

Global Cement Manufacturer Achieves $1.5M Working Capital Savings

with AI-Driven Product-Mix Optimization and Capacity Planning Insights & Predictive Intelligence

The client is a leading building materials & cement manufacturer and has over a century of experience in the production, distribution and marketing of cement, concrete, lime and other products and services for construction.

The post-pandemic world has revealed the fragility of global value chains, highlighting the unpredictable complexity of high customer demand and low supply cycles, creating stretched delays across the delivery of goods and services.

With ThroughPut’s AI-powered supply chain solution, the client was able to identify efficiency opportunities across the value chain that could help them maximize Working Capital Savings to reduce hidden and unplanned bottlenecks.

Download this case study to learn how the cement manufacturer was able to:

  • Enhance product mix and segmentation along with excess inventory reduction
  • Identify optimal stock-levels and reduce working capital
  • Gain 17.8% performance improvement in yield margins

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