Case Study

Leading Cement Manufacturer Eliminates 278K Tons Excessive Inventory Per Year

with AI-Driven Demand Segmentation & Inventory Optimization Insights

The client is a leading building materials & cement manufacturer and has over a century of experience in the production, distribution and marketing of cement, concrete, lime and other products and services for construction.

With ThroughPut’s AI-powered supply chain solution, the client was able to identify opportunities and working capital improvements to eliminate existing inefficiencies and identify savings opportunities to pay-for an additional Inbound Logistics Fleet

Download this case study to learn how the cement manufacturer was able to:

  • Eliminate 278,000 tons of excessive inventory per year
  • Reduce working capital by $5.8Million per year with optimal stock levels per SKU
  • Improve customer service levels & reduce logistics costs & CO2 Emissions

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