Cutting-edge Polymer Packaging Manufacturer Boosts Working Capital by 40% with Accurate Demand Forecasts

Accurately sense demand, identify and eliminate bottlenecks

The client is a 40+ year old, technologically advanced, complete polymer transformation company, renowned for setting global benchmarks in operational excellence.

Over the years, the production of plastic bottles has witnessed the convergence of several challenges. Ranging from raw material supply, to the shop floor, to supply chain management and beyond to storage and distribution, the industry continues to reel under the pressure of several challenges – compounded only by ever-increasing demand.

With ThroughPut’s AI-powered software suite, the client was able to immediately affect savings of $1 million across just 3 facilities, with the potential to save up to 10X more via deployment across 30+ facilities. It was also able to reduce lead time by 30% and free up 40% of working capital.

Download the case study to learn how the polymer manufacturer was able to:

  • Transition from a make-to-stock production approach to a make-to-order model.
  • Leverage sales data to sense and forecast demand with razor-sharp accuracy, thus enabling to eliminate overproduction, unnecessary overheads, and wastage.
  • Optimize production and eliminate wastage of unused goods which led to 40% working capital being freed up.

Download Case Study