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Helping You Respond to COVID-19

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We understand that the most affected communities are the healthcare, manufacturing and retail industries with a sudden, sharp increase in customer demand for essential commodities. As a result, thousands of supply chains across the world are under tremendous pressure.

We are offering our technology, resources and skills for free to help the world win over this crisis in the most effective way. 

For Healthcare Professionals:

For emergency room doctors and health network operators, we are going to provide our enterprise software, ELI free for at least the next 30 days. 

How does this help healthcare professionals?

  • Rapidly identify which process steps in the triage and administration process are slowing down overall end-to-end patient throughput. 
  • Improve patient uptake and increase "capacity" through AI-powered optimization to deal with the surge in patients.
  • Gain real-time visibility of what is causing the delays (beds, medication, physicians, nurses, etc.) to solve issues faster.
  • Prioritize emergency rooms that need attention to improve patient flow through the examination process. 

Together, let's get things back to track and get ready to announce to the world -”It’s Business as Usual!”. 

NOTE: For COVID-19 manufacturing and supply chain needs, access our free software here.

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