Re-starting Operations to recover your losses at "warp speed"

Intelligent Management during the Coronavirus Crisis from the Italian Frontlines

Today, almost every essential operations decision is impacted by the evolving coronavirus crisis. As this pandemic shifts course regionally to differing remedies, corporate supply chains face unprecedented challenges through their systematic disruptions across their global operations.

Overcoming these abnormal challenges to the “new normal” mandates unconventional operational expertise. To guide global industrial operations leadership, ThroughPut Inc is hosting a pioneering operational excellence series, aptly titled - 'The COVID-19 Resilience Series', for executive leadership looking to get ahead of the corona-curve and turn adversity into advantage. ThroughPut has brought together some of the world’s leading operational experts to discuss, debate, and offer potential solutions to overcome the COVID bottleneck and constraints across your global supply chain.

Watch on-demand 'The COVID-19 Resilience Series’  featuring pioneering Operations Management experts and renowned authors, Angela Montgomery and Domenico Lepore. The Intelligent Management team will share essential methodologies that are helping leading corporations, including Italian clients, scale-up to meet volatile demand during the lockdown. 

By viewing this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. Introduction to Intelligent Management and the Theory of Constraints (TOC)
  2. How ToC and the Theory of Profound Knowledge is a better approach
  3. How CEOs can prevent fatal mistakes while managing through chaotic times successfully

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About the speakers

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Angela Montgomery

Co-founder, Intelligent Management

Angela Montgomery, PhD is co-founder with Dr. Domenico Lepore of Intelligent Management
Inc., Canada, a company that developed and implements the Decalogue Methodology
internationally supported by their proprietary Ess3ntial software. She has been a business partner
of her husband Domenico since co-founding their first Decalogue consulting company in Italy in
1996. She has a PhD in Literature and Science from the University of London, UK. She has published with Cambridge University Press, MacMillan, CRC Press and Springer. Her business novel ‘The Human Constraint’ has been purchased in 41 countries

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Dr. Domenico Lepore

Founder, Intelligent Management Inc.

Dr. Domenico Lepore is an international expert and innovator in whole system optimization. With a background in solid state physics and non-linear dynamics, for over 25 years Domenico has been applying science to management to radically improve business performance and achieve robust, predictable and repeatable results. He advises CEOs and decision makers internationally and with his team he has led implementations of his Decalogue management methodology – a unique combination of the work of W. Edwards Deming and the Theory of Constraints – at over 30 national and multinational organizations in a wide variety of industries.