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Maximize Truck Utilization by Optimizing Yards Per Hour

Complex cement logistics is silently gnawing away at your margins.

With so many moving parts to consider, manual spreadsheet-led planning is falling short, leading to rising costs in the form of expedited shipping, yards per hour, wasted round trips and unrealized sale.
What cement manufacturers need at the moment is a holistic logistics planning solution that can:

  • Give you quick, intuitive and real-time understanding of complex cement logistics
  • Cement network operations that can adapt and respond faster to volatile shifts in demand
  • Enable you to take critical business decisions to accelerate material flow in real time

In this data sheet, you'll learn how ThroughPut's 360-degree Logistics Planning Solution simplifies cement logistics operations to demonstrate cost savings and bottom-line impact by:

  • Predicting to sidestep potential bottlenecks and unplanned disruptions across all legs & modes of your logistics network
  • Run agile logistics with advanced cement-specific analytical capabilities
  • Assess bottom-line benefits of each opportunity and prioritize smartly
  • Reduce logistics costs with optimized material movement

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