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  • Amplify your S&OP planning 5X Faster, with up to 3X more inventory turns with advanced scenario planning
  • Streamline Product-Mix to determine what can be sold down to the nth location based on best & worst-case lead time
  • Launch new products successfully based on events, trends, holidays, promotions to deliver seamless customer experiences
  • Achieve your revenue targets using AI with actionable insights into bottlenecks, market disruptions and demand fluctuations
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What Our Customers Say

"ThroughPut enables us to rapidly analyze an enormous amount of granular sales data, and generate a base sales forecast every week, going out a year and a half. There will always be adjustments to that forecast based on known variables not yet captured by the data, but to have a solid starting point at our fingertips at all times is a game changer for us. "

"Technology plays a big role in addressing the key challenges in the industry such as lack of tech standards and high cost of legacy systems, while real-time data access and sharing remains a challenge. Companies that seek to expand their offerings towards end-to-end "

“AI makes it faster, cheaper and easier to break data silos. With ThroughPut’s robust supply chain model, we leverage real-time simulations to discover critical root causes and accelerate sustainable, holistic revenue growth decisions across all business units.”