ON-DEMAND WEBINAR : 2021 AI & Supply Chain Market Insights

Empowering C-Suites to Operate Supply Chains at Warp Speed with AI

As the Coronavirus escalates its impact across the world, companies must respond on multiple fronts at once. Almost 90% of organizations experienced a sharp fall in demand patterns during the COVID-19 lockdown. As lockdowns are slowly lifted in 2021, some organizations will see demand getting back to normal immediately, for some it will be slow, while some will witness step recovery. 

For global supply chains, the margin for error is rapidly shrinking. With mounting expectations of supersonic speed and efficiencies between suppliers and business partners of all types, 2021 further underscores the need for the industry to leverage the prowess of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in supply chains and logistics. 

Watch on-demand an insightful webinar featuring Top Digital Transformation and AI Influencer, Ronald Van Loon and Ali Raza, Founding CEO of ThroughPut Inc. to discuss and deliberate on “What can be done better in 2021 for Supply Chains using AI?”.

  • 2021 Exclusive Market Insights and Trends -The Future of AI and Use Cases across Industries
  • How Executives can accelerate decision making and invest in technologies that help them release their full potential?
  • What are the short, medium and long term considerations in preparing your supply chain to win back in the post-COVID world? 
  • What are the important end-to-end supply chain actions to consider in responding to the pandemic? 
  • How you can advance Supply Chain Operations Using AI


About the speakers

Ronald van loon

Ronald Van Loon

Top 10 Global Influencer and Thought Leader | AI & Digital Transformation

Named by Onalytica as the world's #1 influencer in Data and Analytics, Automation, and the Future Economy (Tech), Ronald is the CEO of Intelligent World and one of the top thought leaders in Data Science and Digital Transformation.


Ali Raza

Founder & CEO | ThroughPut INC

Ali comes from a deep academic and real-world industrial operations in process simulations and operations management. He has managed onshore/offshore/war zone logistics as well as batch, continuous, and discrete manufacturing setups. At Schlumberger, he became one of the youngest Geomarket Production Services, pioneering 3 projects and serving 50+ industrial clients. His production teams were responsible for billions of dollars of hydrocarbon output to the global economy. Ali joined his first tech startup while still an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has been eliminating one global bottleneck after another, with his current focus on optimizing supply chains that extend to Mars.