See How ThroughPut Transforms  Complex Supply Chains Across Industries:

  • Align Supply Chain Performance & Financial Impact: 
    Evaluate holistic financial impact analysis across supply chain functions for faster ROI.
  • Optimize Inventory Management:
    Say goodbye to over-stocking, stockouts and under-stocking with predictive insights based on dynamic lead times and market demand.
  • Minimize Supply & Demand Imbalance:
    Align supply and demand streams for higher forecast accuracy, On-Time, In-Full (OTIF) and reduce supply chain costs.
  • Reduce Supply Chain Costs & Boost Profitability: 
    Build accurate demand forecasts based on existing capacity constraints to increase revenue and profitability.
Trusted Supply Chain Partner for Leaders Across Industries

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What Our Customers Say

“AI makes it faster, cheaper and easier to break data silos. With ThroughPut’s robust supply chain model, we leverage real-time simulations to discover critical root causes and accelerate sustainable, holistic revenue growth decisions across all business units.”

"ThroughPut’s AI enabled speed of making existing data from multiple siloed systems for useful information was breathtaking. This allows every company to minimize the barriers to implement AI at enterprise scale"

"Technology plays a big role in addressing the key challenges in the industry such as lack of tech standards and high cost of legacy systems, while real-time data access and sharing remains a challenge. Companies that seek to expand their offerings towards end-to-end "