Case Study | Logistics Network Optimization

ThroughPut AI Optimizes Cement Manufacturer's Truck Yard Utilization

The company is an industry-leading innovator in sustainable building solutions to decarbonize building and improving living standards for everyone. Despite its laser focus on sustainability, the company’s trucks were not operating at maximum efficiency – in terms of travel time, time at site (including pouring time), and trips per vehicle. The company wanted to improve asset utilization of its trucks, while at the same time reducing carbon emissions.

With ThroughPut’s AI-powered logistics network optimization and forecasting software, the client was able to:

  • Optimize logistics network
  • Effectively segment customers for optimized truck utilization
  • Reduce CO2 emissions & improve asset utilization

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José Serra | CIO - Cementos Progreso

“AI makes it faster, cheaper and easier with a robust enterprise model that provides granular visibility, extracting key business insights from data silos. Using machine learning algorithms, cement plant operators can apply real-time simulations to discover the root causes and accelerate decision-making”. 

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