How AI-Powered Logistics Can Finally Make Fulfilling the World's Food Demands a Reality

The world today is gripped by a global humanitarian crisis that has affected the lives of millions of people across several industries. The Coronavirus and its gruesome economic impacts have profoundly and most gravely impacted two vital sectors, the Food & Beverage and Logistics.

To gain a competitive advantage, food retailers and logistics providers need an ingenious distribution and demand planning strategy that takes advantage of Artificial Intelligence and existing data. For many companies, the road to AI implementation in supply chains is not an easy one. Making a shift from manual tasks to data-driven and AI-powered solutions can seem challenging and even overwhelming.

Watch on-demand our insightful webinar featuring Food Logistics, Chief Editor, Marina Mayer and  ThroughPut's founding CEO, Ali Raza to learn how you can fast-track value with AI - reduce cycle time, optimize inventory, and achieve efficient logistics. During the webinar, you can learn:

  • Why Supply Chains are rapidly evolving due to unpredictable demand and supply
  • Key Challenges to meet uncertain demand and plan operations 
  • The road to AI implementation in supply chains
  • How to fast-track value with AI - reduce cycle time, optimize inventory, and achieve efficient logistics


About the speakers


Ali Raza

Founder & CEO | ThroughPut INC

Ali comes from a deep academic and real-world industrial operations in process simulations and operations management. He has managed onshore/offshore/war zone logistics as well as batch, continuous, and discrete manufacturing setups. At Schlumberger, he became one of the youngest Geomarket Production Services, pioneering 3 projects and serving 50+ industrial clients. His production teams were responsible for billions of dollars of hydrocarbon output to the global economy. Ali joined his first tech startup while still an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has been eliminating one global bottleneck after another, with his current focus on optimizing supply chains that extend to Mars.


Marina Mayer

Chief Editor | Food Logistics

Marina Mayer is an experienced B2B journalist with 13-plus years in the food and beverage space. Prior to joining Food Logistics Jan. 6, 2020, she spent the last 8 years as editor-in-chief of Refrigerated & Frozen Foods magazine, a B2B publication that covered everything from packaging, food safety, new product development and market trends to energy management solutions, supply chain and logistics and more.  Before joining Refrigerated & Frozen Foods, Mayer served as managing editor and executive editor of Snack Food & Wholesale Bakery and Dairy Foods magazines. Her areas of expertise include food, beverage, cannabis, pet food, packaging, supply chain and logistics, design-build, food safety, energy management, market trends, new product development and industry technologies.