Logistics Management Software- A Best Practice Handbook For Manufacturers

The last mile of a supply chain including the logistics function is notoriously inefficient, costing up to 28% of the overall delivery cost of a package.

Across factories, as costs and delivery speed became driving forces, logistics has stepped in with new approaches to deal with rising demand and complex processes.

With the help of a sound Logistics Management Software, manufacturers can effectively manage the multifaceted process involved right from the production cycle to the delivery of raw materials to shipping the finished products to the consumers.

This comprehensive handbook outlines the key considerations while choosing a robust Logistics Management Software 

  1. What is Logistics Management Software and the journey so far?
  2. Key business challenges solved by an effective Logistics Management Software and solutions offered.
  3. Important features to be considered while selecting a Logistics Management Software.
  4. AI and its impact on the Logistics Management Software.

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