A Manufacturer’s Guide to Digital Transformation - Key Accelerators and Roadmap


A Detailed Road map for Digital Transformation

Here is a fact to ponder - PWC predicts that out of every 2,000 manufacturers, 86%, will benefit from cost reductions and revenue gains from their digitization efforts over the next five years.

Fortunately, manufacturing is one industry that can easily harness new-age digital technology to deliver greater efficiency and productivity using smarter, better and safer operations methodologies. As more and more manufacturers adopt digital technologies, Industry 4.0 is gaining higher traction. This is transforming traditional supply chains and converting them into dynamic powerhouses.

Download this eBook for a detailed roadmap on how new-age manufacturers can continue to remain relevant with the fulcrum of Digital Transformation in factory operations:

  • The challenges involved in the road to Digital Transformation in Manufacturing
  • The multi-fold benefits of becoming digitally agile in Manufacturing
  • Role of AI-powered operations to create automated, sustainable and efficient solutions

Begin your Digital Transformation journey in Manufacturing with this handy reference guide and future-proof your factory operations today. 

a manufacturers guide to digital transformation


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