Optimize AI in Your Supply Chain: Building the Business Case & Accelerating the Journey from POC to POV and Production

By Ronald Van Loon
Principal Analyst Intelligent World

Organizations must accelerate investments in AI to anticipate, predict, and respond to immediate and emerging challenges and develop fast response strategies.

Trends are emerging from changing business environments and consumer behaviors, and the need for more flexibility in supply chain decision making and production planning.

In this Whitepaper, Ronald Van Loon - a globally acknowledged thought leader in the industry, ranked #1 in AI, #3 on a list of Top 100 Big Data, #7 Data Science and #9 Global IoT influencers by Onalytica, shares the importance of using AI in Supply Chains for better business decisions and how this can lead to creating  Safer, Smarter and Smoother Operations.

By downloading the white paper, you will learn:

  1. Key Investment Priorities for Resilient Supply Chain Operations
  2. Barriers to supply chain transformation & advanced analytics and AI adoption
  3. Top Data Sources in Supply Chains & What to Do About Them
  4. How to move forward and build the business case for AI in Supply Chains

Download the white paper and get closer to achieving absolute supply chain efficiencies using your existing data. 

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