ON-DEMAND PRODUCT WEBINAR >> Q2 2021 Product Release Update: ThroughPut Logistics & Distribution Module

How demand-driven logistics management can boost supply chain resilience in dynamic market conditions

As logistics and transportation are acquiring critical importance in the post COVID-19 era, supply chains can no longer afford to fail. Only when supply chains achieve resilience can businesses survive and thrive. Thus, there is a growing need to be able to proactively predict demand and ensure that supply chains are able to adapt ahead of time to cater to the anticipated demand.

Watch on-demand our Q2 2021 product update webinar to learn about our new features and improvements in ThroughPut Logistics and Distribution Module.

Watch in action how running your distribution and logistics operations on autopilot using AI can help you with:

● Gain end-to-end visibility to track SKUs in real time – from supplier to plant to DC to store – with actionable prioritizations and recommendations

● Achieve glitch-free, optimized production and overall operations with predictive demand-based planning and real-time adaptation of operations

● Rapidly analyze the value, cost, and benefit impact of various scenarios to maximize throughput and revenue.

● Intelligent, effortless prioritization of effort and resources to quickly adapt to volatile market and production conditions. 

● Improved service levels that yield the maximum value and revenue while continuously optimizing your network and operations.


About the speakers


Ali Raza

Founder & CEO | ThroughPut INC

Ali comes from a deep academic and real-world industrial operations in process simulations and operations management. He has managed onshore/offshore/war zone logistics as well as batch, continuous, and discrete manufacturing setups. At Schlumberger, he became one of the youngest Geomarket Production Services, pioneering 3 projects and serving 50+ industrial clients. His production teams were responsible for billions of dollars of hydrocarbon output to the global economy. Ali joined his first tech startup while still an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has been eliminating one global bottleneck after another, with his current focus on optimizing supply chains that extend to Mars.

Alla Anashenkova

Alla Anashenkova

Head of Product | ThroughPut Inc

Alla brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the ThroughPut team. She’s a hands-on Product Leader with over ten (10+) years of experience developing software data products and systems. Alla has delivered over 100+ software releases and owned strategic initiatives that resulted in saving Tesla, Inc. over 1/2 Billion dollars in the span of 4 years.