Run Your Supply Chain Operations on Autopilot

Improve material flow and free cash flow across your end-to-end value chain

ThroughPut’s AI software suite taps into existing time-stamped data tied to your sales, purchasing, distribution, and manufacturing activities and puts operational improvements on autopilot.

ThroughPut predicts demand, reorients production capacity, reassigns warehouse space, and reorders materials just-in-time, so you never miss out on customer demand again. 

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  • Increase manufacturing throughput using our robust financial calculator 

  • Boost inventory and stock performance using in depth root-cause analysis, demand sensing and capacity planning  

  • Cut down production lead time with unmatched holistic material and supply chain visibility

Your Competitive Gains

  • Up to 20% more capacity in Manufacturing Production Operations

  • Up to 3x Returns on Logistic Order Savings, Eliminating External Warehouse Storage Needs

  • Up to 3x More Inventory Turnover Across the Value Chain

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