The Essential Guide for Logistics & Terminal Operators - Optimize Sales with Demand Segmentation

Demand-driven approach to value chain operations

Port congestions are just the latest in a long line of crises that have gripped the industry in the recent past. With 77% of major global ports staring down snarling backlogs, there is an urgent need to prevent unstable and tense supply chains from toppling into any further chaos.

The data sheet will show how you can:

  • Get full visibility of materials across all legs and modes in the value chain to quickly identify and eliminate bottlenecks.
  • Leverage AI to help optimize customers that impact overall container throughput and On-Time-In-Full.
  • Get holistic and granular views for flow at a SKU/cluster level.
  • Review the impact of sales opportunities on OTIF deliveries, allowing for optimizing customer mix.
  • Plan a demand-driven approach to value chain operations.

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