The Fundamentals of AI-driven Supply Chains - Reboot Your Cement & Building Materials Business

Building AI-Powered Responsive Supply Chains To Overcome Supply and Demand Uncertainty

ThroughPut’s Demand Sensing Solution gives a single source of truth to work around rather than relying on scattered and dysfunctional silos of information, people, processes and data. This enables demand planners to apply real-time market insights and gain an edge with accurate Demand Sensing

The data sheet will share how you can:

  • Accurately forecast and respond to demand
  • Rapidly analyze & correlate demand based insights
  • Improve the overall product mix and service availability
  • Identify & expose patterns Comprehensive view across past events and quickly predict demand trend

Download the data sheet to reduce your demand planning efforts significantly and optimise your cement product mix with a better understanding of top and low performing SKUs across all inventory levels.

Download Data Sheet