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Optimize Product-Mix &
Hit Revenue Goals

Businesses that can predict demand accurately are best positioned to respond and cater to exactly what customers want - at the right time, right place, and right quantity.

With ThroughPut.ai - Microsoft Dynamics 365 SKU Rationalization System, companies get real-time insights and actionability on existing data sets to make smarter decisions faster.

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Competitive Advantages of Microsoft Dynamics 365 & ThroughPut SKU Rationalization 

By analyzing existing Sales and Purchase Order data to gain in-depth understanding and actionability of trends, key revenue drivers, optimal service mixes, and usage, this integration enables Microsoft Dynamics 365 users with rich insights to:
Eliminate Unprofitable Freight

Eliminate Unprofitable Freight Moves

Analyze and prioritize demand based on profitable SKUs and costs involved with meeting those needs

Make every

Make Every Retail Location More Profitable

Craft stronger marketing strategies that drive higher sales based on real-time data across demographics

Dynamic Inventory

Dynamic Inventory Optimization

Minimize stockouts or excess inventory with enough working capital to accelerate the speed of retail business

Maximize Revenue

Maximize Revenue and Minimize Risks

Forecast demand trends accurately to predict and measure future demand patterns to enhance product-mix and service availability

How Microsoft Dynamics 365 & ThroughPut Integration Works
Step 1

Step 1:
Data Transformation

Leverage Microsoft Dynamics 365 data and existing data from Point-of-sale (POS) systems to create targeted demand plans at a global/ regional/local level by Product and Customer Mix/Type.

Step 2

Step 2 :
SKU Performance Insights

Simplify and optimize product- mix by quickly identifying best and worst-performing SKUs across product and customer segments.

Step 3

Step 3:
Action Plan

Gain prioritized recommendations to rank relevant products that result in higher sales and those which need to be halted.

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