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In less than six minutes, our product demo shows how companies can transform their supply chains with predictive replenishment to quickly figure out what to move, what to expedite, what to reduce, and what to get rid of from inventory for rapid supply chain revenue realization.
AI-Powered Supply Chain Planning Solutions

Empowering Businesses with Holistic Supply Chain Actionability 

  • Demand Sensing

  • Capacity Planning

  • Logistics Planning

  • Finance and P&L Planning

ThroughPut Demand Sensing

Rapidly analyze & correlate demand based insights to optimize product-mix.

Identify & expose patterns across future events such as store openings and promotions and quickly predict demand trends.

ThroughPut | Capacity Planning

Accurately evaluate the actual capacity against realized demand, scheduled production load, inventory build-up and lost sales opportunities.

Gain the ability to meet future demand, highlight risks and propose mitigation strategies to schedule limited resources against the product-mix.

ThroghPut | Supply Chain Planning Software

Accelerate shipping of the right goods at the right time, while minimizing runtime costs and risks.

By using a combination of business rule mapping and ML-based pattern extraction, predict ETAs, optimize fleet and warehouse strategies and achieve a high rate of OTIFs.

ThroughPut - Finance Dashboard

Instantly assess the financial health of the business and identify where cash can be freed up and repurposed for productive financial growth.

Easily quantify global ROI from local improvement actions across your end-to-end operations.

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