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Case Study

World's Leading Packaging Company Slashes Annual CO2 Emission by 28,000 kg per Facility

& Saves $3 Million with 18%-20% Freed Up Capacity
Optimized the entire production value chain, & also freed capacity for effective demand planning at the same time.
World's leading forward-thinking sustainable packaging solutions provider accelerate its sustainability goals by cutting back excess inventory and significantly reducing CO2 emission per facility. The company was able to identify resources that enabled it to produce more while still reducing inventory, at the same time achieving a minimal carbon footprint with negligible changeovers.
Glass bottle production is a resource and energy-intensive process, which can end up being a significant drain on natural resources. In fact, the rate of glass production is already far outstripping the pace at which sand – a primary raw material in the production process – can be replenished.
In this case study, we discuss how a global supplier of sustainable, innovative metal and glass packaging was able to leverage ThroughPut's AI-software suite to:
  • Immediately achieve a net impact of $3 million, with the potential to reach $9 million in the best-case scenario.
  • Free up 18–20% more capacity at the first go, and an additional 6% capacity with incremental changeovers.
  • Achieve 7,000–25,000 hours of operation for its facility, with a $4–10 million reduction in inventory – translating into 40–100 million pounds less product on hand.