Transferring AI to Real-World Applications in the HeartlandInsights from Silicon Valley Industry Experts

While the pandemic has established a "new normal" of working from home for many professionals, operational professionals are still on the front lines helping their companies and customers get their goods on-time and in-full. So what sorts of technologies are helping these heroes?

AI and Digital Transformation Efforts are being accelerated to increase output and free cash flow when it really matters. As the CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella says “ We have experienced 2 years worth of digital transformation in just 2 months.”. 

Watch this exclusive online panel discussion “Transferring AI for Real-World Applications in the Heartland” hosted by leading executives from agricultural companies and AI experts as they walk us through the basics of AI to real-world applications with real financial impact. 

This expert online debate will present and discuss several pressing questions at the forefront of the COVID-19 battle:  

  1. What is AI?
  2. What is Industrial AI?
  3. What is Operational Data and how can it be used?
  4. What are the applications in real-world settings ?
  5. Why is now the time for AI?
  6. How can AI/Big Data help executive decision making?
  7. How can AI/Big Data help operations and people to do more in less time. 

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About the speakers

Ali Raza

Ali Raza

Co-Founder & CEO | ThroughPut Inc

Ali comes from a deep academic and real-world industrial operations in process simulations and operations management. He has managed onshore/offshore/war zone logistics as well as batch, continuous, and discrete manufacturing setups. At Schlumberger, he became one of the youngest Geomarket Production Services, pioneering 3 projects and serving 50+ industrial clients. His production teams were responsible for billions of dollars of hydrocarbon output to the global economy. Ali joined his first tech startup while still an undergraduate student at the University of Pennsylvania. Since then, he has been eliminating one global bottleneck after another, with his current focus on optimizing supply chains that extend to Mars.


Dr. Marcio Aurelio Soares Santos

Managing Director, Tridon

Dr. Marcio Aurelio Soares Santos is a seasoned Agricultural, Industrial, & Corporate Venture Capital Executive & Serial Entrepreneur who currently serves as the Managing Director of Tridon, a Sao Paulo-based capital firm dedicated to supporting global agricultural supply chain ventures. Previously, Marcio served as an Executive Managing Director for Buffett-backed Lindsay Corporation, as President-CTASI at the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, President-CSEI of the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, and the Executive Managing Director of Brudden Agricultural Equipments Ltd.. Marcio holds PhDs in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, MBAs in Finance & Management Strategy, as well as advanced degrees & certifications in Mathematics, Data Science, Bioenergy, and Agriculture Technologies.  


Peter "Rocky" Snawerdt

Industry Expert for AI

Rocky is a preeminent mind in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with over 25 years of experience in applying AI to real-world applications, including industrial, logistics, supply chain, government, and military operations. As a serial entrepreneur, he has founded, built, and exited some of the most advanced technological hardware and software ventures in the world. He has worked at leading public entities and government organizations including Northrop Grumman, Texas Instruments, Harris Corporation, NSA, the U.S. Air Force, and others. Rocky has expertise in signal processing and data transmission, with over 15 patents.


Ravi Nath

Distinguished Professor | Heider College of Business at Creighton University

Ravi Nath, Ph.D. is a professor in the Department of Accounting and Business Intelligence & Analytics and the holder of the Jack & Joan McGraw Endowed Chair in Information Technology Management in the Heider College of Business at Creighton University. Previously, at the University of Memphis, he served as the Associate Dean for Academic Programs and Director of the Ph.D. program in Management Information Systems. He has been awarded Fulbright Scholarships twice: University of Zimbabwe (1992-1993) and the Polytechnic of Namibia (2012).  Dr. Nath has published over 100 research papers in the area of business analytics and information technology in national and international journals. Dr. Nath received the University of Memphis' Distinguished Teaching Award in 1995. Currently, Dr. Nath serves on the Board of Directors of several for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Dr. Nath earned a Ph.D. from Texas Tech University.