How AI-driven Supply Chains Can Address Food Crisis During COVID-19

With the COVID-19 pandemic on the rise, several food supply chains worldwide are severely affected, creating a food shortage across retail outlets and food banks. Ironically, while most food banks are battling to quickly stock up their food supplies, on the other hand, we also see farmers discarding huge quantities of perishables such as milk, food grains, and vegetables. This is due to broken and non-existent distribution channels that supply restaurants, schools, commercial facilities, etc. resulting from the sudden drop in demand for these commodities there.

To address this alarming global food supply shortage and understand possible solutions, ThroughPut Inc. is hosting a webinar on "Tackling Food Shortages with AI-driven Food Supply Chains during COVID-19". For this webinar, ThroughPut has brought together some of the world's leading operational and supply chain experts to discuss and devise the best possible solutions to overcome this food crisis. 

Join us for this insightful session where industry experts will share their views on how companies can create an uninterrupted supply of longer shelf and short shelf food products. They will also discuss key strategies of using Artificial Intelligence for uncertainty management between these two supply chains.

By watching this webinar, you will learn about:

  1. How Food Supply Chains really operate under different situations 
  2. How can AI/ ML applications be used in this context 
  3. AI-derived insights to redirect food across multiple distribution channels based on demand 

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About the speakers


Larry Thomas

Operations Management & Analytics Leader

Larry Thomas is an Operational Management & Analytics leader who has worked over a decade on the frontlines of leading industrial manufacturing, engineering, supply chain, and services companies across North America, including Hormel and Schlumberger. Larry has day-to-day experience managing truck fleets in extreme environment logistics, and weathering unpredictable global supply chains. Larry has leveraged disparate data sets from industrial equipment to setup real-time analytics to influence real-time operational strategy and make timely recommendations for critical multi-million dollar operations. During COVID, Larry has been on the front lines of essential meat manufacturing operations, balancing shifting material needs of constantly changing production operations, maintenance schedules, and personnel availability to ensure target output is being met for America's food supply chains. Larry holds a Chemical Engineering degree from the University of Alabama.


Dr. Marcio Aurelio Soares Santos

Managing Director, Tridon

Dr. Marcio Aurelio Soares Santos is a seasoned Agricultural, Industrial, & Corporate Venture Capital Executive & Serial Entrepreneur who currently serves as the Managing Director of Tridon, a Sao Paulo-based capital firm dedicated to supporting global agricultural supply chain ventures. Previously, Marcio served as an Executive Managing Director for Buffett-backed Lindsay Corporation, as President-CTASI at the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil, President-CSEI of the Brazilian Machinery and Equipment Industry Association, and the Executive Managing Director of Brudden Agricultural Equipments Ltd.. Marcio holds PhDs in Computer Science & Electrical Engineering, MBAs in Finance & Management Strategy, as well as advanced degrees & certifications in Mathematics, Data Science, Bioenergy, and Agriculture Technologies.  

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Ramesh Bollapragada

Distinguished Professor | San Francisco State University

Dr. Ramesh Bollapragada is a distinguished professor and world-renowned, award-winning expert in Industrial Automation, Food Supply Chain, Manufacturing Management, and Decision Sciences with over 30 years of pioneering experience in academia, the public, and the private sectors. His research interests are in the areas of food inventory and supply chain optimization, scheduling, and economic lot-sizing, forecasting, transportation, quality management, and outsourcing. Ramesh has held academic positions at the University of California-Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon University, San Francisco State University, Lucent, and Bell Labs. 


Anzar Kamdar

Head of Industrial Data Science | ThroughPut Inc

Anzar has multiple degrees in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing, and Supply Chain Management from leading German & American universities. Anzar comes from a utilities grid optimization background where he leveraged self developed machine learning modules to balance electricity production and consumption. Anzar has used this cross-industry background to complete successful projects and implementations in the food supply chain space. Recent examples include improving output and reducing waste for a meat processing facility, production leveling and inventory reduction for agro fertilizer containers, and end to end supply chain optimization for one of the largest supermarkets in Europe.