Your Ultimate Guide to Building Sustainable Retail Supply Chains with Targeted Demand Planning Strategies

Future-Proof Demand Planning Strategies To Cut Down Over & Under Stocking Of Product Assortments 

With ThroughPut’s AI-powered Demand Planning capabilities, Retail and Supermarkets can incorporate real-time insights on existing data sets to make faster and smarter decisions. With an in-depth understanding of trends, drivers, options, demand planners can slice main revenue drivers, service mix and usage.

The data sheet will share how you can:

  • Easily plan and optimise your retail product mix with a better understanding of top and low performing SKUs across your inventory levels
  • Drill down visibility across sales, marketing and promotion initiatives
  • Analyse SKUs geography wise and eliminate ambiguity by leveraging AI -driven data models to boost bottom line
  • Unlock opportunities to simplify customer mix to differentiate top performers and encourage customers to increase business and cut down variance and waste.

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