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Never miss out on customer demand again

ThroughPut's AI-powered supply chain intelligence platform helps cement logistics businesses identify optimization opportunities across their value chain to eliminate previously hidden, unanticipated bottlenecks, accelerate working capital savings, and minimize time to value.


Gain real-time visibility to avoid disruptions

Predict demand

Accurately identify, predict and measure future demand patterns to enhance product-mix and service availability and boost revenue margins.


Maximize on-time, in-full (OTIF) delivery 

Integrated S&OP

Respond faster to fluctuating margins and inventory needs by optimizing the right product- mix at the right customer service levels.


Optimized material movement

Go beyond track-and-trace

Dynamically prioritize items based on logistics costs and lost sales opportunities

Build resilient, demand-driven plans to improve material and cash flow

Get cutting-edge AI capabilities to optimize your inventory levels and spend less man-hours on forecasting to meet customer demand on-time, in-full.

Optimize product-mix with your existing POS data

Achieve your full potential and reduce bottlenecks with our AI-based demand sensing software. Increase money and margins across your end-to-end supply chain and data systems.

DEMAND Forecast Accuracy 

Streamline inventory & stock performance at SKU / shelf / location level using in-depth root-cause analysis plan. 


SKU & Inventory Optimization

Reduce costs associated with overstocking certain slow-moving products.

Improve Inventory MANAGEMENT

Dynamically adjust the ideal recommended stock levels for each location based on seasonal/ cyclical trends.

Ensure Seamless Production

Achieve better shop floor productivity with higher quality and production yields.

Easily align supply and demand to minimize costs and waste 

Succeed with a single source of truth to prevent stock outs or excess inventory, and gain enough working capital to accelerate speed of business.


Load various types of data such as holiday season, promotion schedules, price changes, weather attributes and expose correlation with demand shift changes.

demand and financial performance

Analyse SKUs by country to have a good grasp on material cost, sales price changes including shipping cost and taxes/duties.

Identify Patterns and Correlate trends

Cross sectional summary, actionable insights and prioritized recommendations for throughput, lost sales, OTIF and demand to minimize risks. 


Comprehensive view to assimilate all the shipments from supplier to DC, DC to DC, DC to store, and store to customer including final sales.

"AI makes it faster, cheaper and easier to break data silos. With ThroughPut’s robust supply chain model, we leverage real-time simulations to discover critical root causes and accelerate sustainable, holistic revenue growth decisions across all business units."

José Serra

CIO @ Cementos Progreso

Erick Melgar

“ThroughPut’s leading edge AI-powered Software Suite will accelerate our visionary sustainability efforts while gaining end-to-end material flow visibility, optimizing product-mix for higher savings and production efficiency and streamline Truck Routing and Logistics operations.”

Erick Melgar

Co-Founder and CEO, Progreso X


"Throughput's platform lets businesses use their multiple datasets in any format and gain instant insights through their powerful Al engines to the areas that cause bottlenecks across their entire supply chain, opening up vast possibilities in end-to-end visibility for the enterprise."

Dr. Hagen Hultzsch

Ex-CIO & Executive Director of Volkswagen AG

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